Currently, Sweet Tooth is not accepting orders, but if you want to read about me, you are in the right place! Sweet Tooth started as nothing more than me making cakes for my friend’s birthdays. Each time people would rave about how they couldn’t believe what they were eating was vegan. There are several reasons for this: one- most vegan desserts at restaurants and grocery stores are dry, crumbly, too sweet, or completely tasteless, two- I make really good sweets because I have been practicing for years. I love chemistry and art. I love food and everything related to it.Things progressed quickly for me–I started getting orders from people and getting money from them! So here I am opening a business dedicated to making people change their minds about what vegan food is and can be. I work with high quality, organic ingredients that make a difference in the product. My passions run the gamut of literature, education, art, technology, and food. I love meeting people and making them happy. I look forward to making your life a little sweeter.

Support your community, your ethics, and your tummy all at once!

Email me for a quote or with questions at SweetToothVegan@Gmail.com

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2 responses to “About

  1. My husband ordered me a birthday cake from Sweet Tooth and it was delicious! I can’t wait until our anniversary so that I can surprise him with one of his own…oh the flavorful decisions to be made!

  2. I have heard about Sweet Tooth Vegan Goodies for some time now, and finally had the pleasure of tasting some goodies for myself! I had the vanilla/lemon cupcakes, and I simply could not believe how moist the cake was! The icing was incredibly creamy, considering there is no cream! Keep up the great work, Sweet Tooth Vegan Goddess! We appreciate all you do!

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