Details and Delivery

Sweet Tooth Vegan Goodies uses the highest quality ingredients available including organic unbleached flours, organic seasonal fruits, and organic evaporated cane juice. We only use ingredients from non-animal sources. We want to make food for people who love food, not just specialty diets.  Each cake is handmade locally and delivered either to you personally or to a designated meeting place. There is an extra fee for delivery more than 10 minutes outside of our area. We do all custom orders as of October 2008. All items come delivered in a standard paper bakery box. If you are traveling with these items, please inform us so that we can package it for travel. Payment is due upon receipt for standard orders. Cash and Check preferred. Paypal for credit card is available- please ask. Thank you for your support!
Kristin Powers– Proprietor and Baker
Cakes-Cake prices start at $40 and vary depending on ingredients. Cupcakes of all cakes are available starting at $36 per dozen.
Most cakes can be made gluten free or agave sweetened. Gluten free cakes start at $45.
All the cakes are two layer 9” cakes with a filling and frosting. The cakes have 8 very massive pieces or 16 average slices. For cakes larger than 16 servings, please see our Weddings and Events Section. Each one has basic piped icing and some cute decorations. Personalized piping is available for no additional cost. Please allow 3-4 days notice for a cake order. Rush cakes are available for an extra fee.
Choose your cake, filling and icing from the selections below:
Cakes- two 9” cakes for every order
Chocolate, vanilla cakes are the two basic flavors.
Other flavors can be added to vanilla like almond, raspberry puree, blueberries, peanut butter, lemon etc. The possibilities are quite limitless.
Filling- between the two cakes
A variety of fresh fruit including raspberries, strawberries, and bananas go well with many of the flavors. Jams, marmalades, and peanut butter are also tasty. Vegan whip cream is also available.
Chocolate, peanut butter, raspberry, almond, lemon, vanilla, orange, and mocha are popular.
Some favorite cakes include:
Chocolate cake with creamy peanut butter icing
Carrot cake with fresh pineapple center and cream cheese icing Mocha cake with rich chocolate ganache center and coffee cream icing
Raspberry cake with almond icing
Vanilla cake with coconut filling and key lime icing
Vanilla cake with strawberry filling and dark chocolate icing
Hummingbird cake with cream cheese icing
Other specialty cakes include Cheesecake, Tiramisu, cakes with alcohol, and cakes with special elixirs or teas.

Fudge- $48 per dozen pieces (gluten free)

Peanut butter, walnut, pecan with chardonnay salt, or cayenne and cinnamon
Peanut Butter Cups- $48 per dozen (gluten free)
Adult size candies of sweet and creamy peanut butter surrounded by dark chocolate
Rice Cereal Treats- $36 per dozen (gluten free)
Cupcake size crunchy and buttery marshmallow treats
Marzipan Hazelnut Candies- $48 per dozen (gluten free)
Roasted hazelnuts in a marzipan ball covered with dark chocolate and dusted with edible golden powder

Pastries and Breads
Banana Nut Bread- $36 per dozen mini loaves, $38 for gluten free

Tender sweet bread full of walnuts and bananas
Orange Pecan Bread- $36 per dozen mini loaves, $38 for gluten free
Tangy orange jam and crunchy pecans jazz up the traditional banana bread
Cornbread- $36 per dozen mini loaves, $38 for gluten free
Habanero and dill or maple syrup sweetened
Cinnamon Raisin Rolls- $48 per dozen, $51 for gluten free
Large rolls topped with sweet vanilla icing
Blueberry Muffins- $36 per dozen, $38 for gluten free
Wild blueberry muffins topped with a crunchy cinnamon strudel

Cookies and Brownies- All cookies can be made into sandwiches with your choice of frosting for an additional $5 per dozen Ginger Snaps- $27 per dozen large cookies, $30 for gluten free
Vanilla Almond- $27 per dozen large cookies, $30 for gluten free
Oatmeal Raisin Walnut- $27 per dozen large cookies

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip-
$27 per dozen large cookies, $30 for gluten free
Chocolate Chocolate Chip- $27 per dozen large cookies, $30 for gluten free
Peanut Butter Fudge Bars- $42 per dozen, $48 for gluten free
Brownies- $48 per dozen, $51 for gluten free

Peanut butter swirl, cream cheese swirl, walnut, coconut, or pomegranate


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  1. We’re with your parent’s right now on the Cape. Love your blog – I have a gluten allergy, so I’ll check out your stuff.

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